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How do I use the Affiliate link and the Affiliate parameter?

You can embed a link in any wording, image, button or banner that will take your customer/viewer to any page (including product pages) on the Bico Website that you choose, while ensuring that the Bico Website knows that this visitor has come from you and the visitor is allocated to your Affiliate account.

The link has two purposes: it is an example of how to create a link to any page on the Bico website and it is also a prepared link that takes your customer to the Bico Homepage: you embed the link into images or wording ( e.g. a ‘shop’ button) as the ‘action’ that occurs if the link is clicked.

This link will take the customer to the Home Page of the Bico website, and allocate the customer to your Affiliate account.

If you want to send your customer to a specific page you must use the URL paramater to create the necessary link to embed: the URL parameter would be added to the end of the Bico http: address you have chosen to use as a link (e.g. a particular page on the Bico website) to ensure the customer using the link goes to the correct page and is also allocated to your Affiliate account by the Bico website.

This way, you can send a customer to a particular product page, or any page you choose on the Bico website.

1. Choose the Bico page you want to direct your customer to
2. Copy the http: address of the Bico page
2. Add the URL to the end of the address
3. Embed the link you have created in your wording, button, banner or image



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